• Artists must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

  • Artists must paint on location within a 10-mile radius from Monument, Colorado

  • Only flat, two-dimensional artwork is allowed.

  • Artwork must be started and finished during event dates.

  • All artwork must be framed (see a.-d. below) and affixed with wire hanger.

  • Blank panels must be date stamped and picked up at check-in.  Finished paintings must show the date stamp.  The date stamp must be visible on the back of all paintings. 

  • Registration fee and 30% sales commission apply.

  • Each artist may enter a maximum of 4 paintings in any combination of the following categories:

  • Artists must affix the provided information sheet to the back of each painting. Bring 2” x 3” business cards for patrons. 

  • Finished artwork is judged and prizes are awarded.  See event website for details. 

  • On the last day, leading up to the special event, artists will be painting in the Historic Downtown Monument District


En Plein Air”: up to 4 paintings of a landscape or street scene done entirely on location.  Minimum sales price for each is $100.