The Thinker

Just sold this lovely lady!  So excited to ship her off to L.A. when she is done hanging at the Pikes Peak Brewing Company!

trying on ganesh

A piece created in 2011. An observation of the ease with which we seem to adopt religions outside of our native culture. In my mind, a wonderful and beautiful thing. We are approaching (some of our earthly population) a level of religious understanding which is compassionate and empathetic to religion in general and more specifically to the universal need for spirituality of some sort- and that different methods fit different people. Open for discussion.

embrace your anchor

To me, this piece is about being the captain of your life ship. I think that in order to do this we must be incredibly self aware- this includes an awareness of the things that bring us down, the anchors in our life. It is much more difficult to swim with an anchor attached to your leg at the end of a long chain, dragging in the sand at the bottom of the sea than it is if you can embrace that anchor, pull it to your chest and employ your limbs in a more effective manner to take you where you are going.