This series depicts seven major facets from which we draw our beliefs and build our identity as individuals.

I have been intrigued for as long as I can remember by the ways in which we create our identities, and present them to the world.  I have found a strong connection between the ways that we configure our outward presentation and the way that we develop internally.  My work focuses on the things that contribute to our self-presentation and the relationships between belief systems, self-presentation, identity, actions and emotions.

There are many facets from which we draw when building our personal identities and belief systems.  Some of these facets of an individual’s identity include: sexuality, relationship to mortality, religious or spiritual beliefs, self-image, status, and internal conflict.  In all of these facets, as they relate to our personal development, there is a constant evolution occurring.  Our personal identity is the summation and integration of these various facets.  

Many of these facets are addressed by people very directly, particularly religion, self-image, and status, where others are sometimes avoided for long periods of time such as mortality, sexuality, fear and internal conflict.  The relationship to each of these facets depends on the individual.  By recognizing these facets to be universal we can grow in our compassion for our fellow man.  

Through my whimsical display of the nature of identity construction, I have attempted to create an opportunity for my viewers to question their own relationship to these various facets.

It is my goal that this series of work assist people in finding a place where they are comfortable with laughing at their follies, embracing their shortcomings, displaying their scars, being proud of their experiences and enjoying every moment that they have to its fullest.