The point of view that an individual has on death and what will happen after death determines in many ways the way they live their life.  I chose to contrast life and death in this piece by creating a very solemn character, laying as if in a coffin with their eyes closed.  It is hard to tell at first glance if the person is dead, sleeping or praying. When the other symbols of the coffin shrine, the ritually placed flowers and the bullet shell necklace are taken into consideration it will become more obvious that life and death are being contrasted in this piece.  The idea that initially the confusion between death and prayer might be present speaks to the spiritual connection to an individual’s idea of death.  Many individuals believe in an after-life in which there will be a judgment day.  They act according to certain religious tenants.  Other perspectives include agnostic, atheistic and re-incarnation.  These mortality beliefs strongly influence identity.